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Who would need to take an extended test?

What is involved on an extended test?

The extended test is aimed at being more demanding on the driver and so checking the ability of the pupil to drive in a safe manner.


- The test lasts longer than the standard learner test, it is conducted over 60-75 minutes (compared to 30-45 minutes on an L test).


- One reversing manoeuvre will be performed by the candidate.


- The Independent Driving section of the test remains at aprox 10 minutes long.


- The candidate WILL be asked to perform an emergency stop/controlled stop.


- The candidate can not get more than 15 driver errors with none being serious or dangerous to achieve a pass.



So overall, the candidate has to show a much higher driving standard than a basic learner test, proving to the examiner that they are definately safe enough to be allowed a full UK Driving Licence once again.


This may not sound on face value such a difficult task, but ask yourself how many people have you heard laughingly say "I'd never pass my test if I had to do it again!"


The simple truth of the matter is as drivers we all pick up and develop our own bad habits, often without even knowingly doing so. Then if you are ever faced with having to be retested you will be expected to do everything to the letter of exactly how the examiner expects it to be done. Bad habits develop over years and are not something that can be cured in the matter of a single 2 hour lesson, good habits have to be introduced and worked on, and often a drivers lack of knowledge of what is expected of them lets them down on the day of the practical test if they have failed to adequately prepare prior to the extended test day.

Drivers who are taken to court and convicted of dangerous driving or other offences involving disqualification will be ordered to return to learner driver status. Which means that they will have to apply for a provisional driving licence and before they are able to drive again they must:


- Pass a theory/hazard perception test for the class of vehicle which they intend to take an extended practical driving test.

- Pass an extended practical driving test.

The solution...

I would recommend a minimum of 12 hours tuition, taking advantage of the deal price of 12 hours for the price of 10 which includes:


- 2 hour assessment lesson to establish what work is required to bring the pupils current driving upto test standard.


- 3 hours for the inclusion of an extended mock test.



This leaves a remaining 7 hours, not forgetting 3 hours of that total will be used up on the practical test day itself, which only gives the pupil 4 hours (2 lessons) of practical tuition to remove any/all driving faults raised by the assessment lesson, this can be a huge ask!

It would be wise to book in extra tuition time as per the pupils needs to ensure that come test day, nothing is left to chance.  Extended practical tests are very expensive and are not the kind of thing that a candidate would wish to take several times due to mounting costs!