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Show Me / Tell Me Questions

At the start of your practical test, once you have read the registration plate to check your eyesight. The examiner will ask you TWO questions about basic vehicle checks. One of the questions is a SHOW ME question, in which you will be expected to demonstrate and explain how to do the required task. The other question will be a              TELL ME, which simply requires an explanation of how to do or check something.





When the exminer asks you the Show Me question, you need to try and imagine that you are explaining it to the examiner as if they don't know or understand.

He is not deliberately acting dumb, but if you are unclear with your answer, he may press you further to explain what you mean until they are satisfied.


Be slow and methodical when answering. So the examiner could go away and practice what you have explained to him on his own.


Do not waffle, keep your answer accurate, short and precise.


Allow the exaimner to see what you are doing and so they can get a better idea about what you are talking about.


If you forget the answer don't worry about it. Simply be calm, polite and apologise, have a good stab at it, who knows you might be lucky!? But, you will NOT fail your practical test on these questions. The very worst you can get is ONE driver error. Shrug it off and forget about it, and RELAX!



These questions can be  little more easier as you arent physically doing anything. But, because of that the content of some of the answers can get more complicated. For example you need to know the exact figures for the legal minimum tyre tread.


Be slow, methodical and clear with the answer you are giving, if you incorrect you may be prompted by the examiner to clear up the inacurracy.


If you are asked to Tell the examiner about something inside the bonnet, firstly open the bonnet and ensure the stand is SECURE! Then, simply point at the relevent area to identify what the examiner asked you. DO NOT under any circumstances TOUCH the engine! It may be extremely hot and you are likely to cause injury to youself and possibly the examiner.

You DONT want to be going to A+E instead of continuing with the test.


Don't argue with the examiner, if you disagree with them, tough. Keep quiet and continue with the test.