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Richard Mountain Driving School

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Fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor with over 18 years experience.

Catering for all levels of ability, from complete beginner to Pass Plus.

12 hours for the price of 10


Buy a 10 hour block of lessons and get 2 FREE hours of tuition.



Hours for

the price of




Many driving schools offer  unbelieveably good deals, often what they dont tell you is that they are only for new starters or that the offer can only be used once. Then the  standard lesson price that is charged from then on goes up to a far less impressive price.





The   12   for   10   offer    is      

                                 as far as how many times you want to take advantage of it. Neither is it exclusive to new pupils, simply to entice you in.


You would be able to use this offer from the day of the first lesson to the very last day, when the practical test is passed.















What you see here is what you get...



completely unlimited
















Hourly Rate Payments, Motorway, Refresher and Mock Test:


Any unused hours or payments that require refunding at the request of the client will be paid back  directly to the client within 10 working days. Please note that if cash is to be refunded a signature will be required by me as proof of reciept - this may delay the payment if the client is unable to make themselves available at a mutually convienient time.


(All refunds will be returned by either cash/cheque or Paypal account. Depending on how the original payment was made).


12 For 10 Offer: 


Any qualifying unused hours will be returned to the client at the rate of the lesson price that was originally paid.


for example: If the client has paid for 12 hours at the standard rate and has used 8 hours. Thus  has 4 hours remaining, the value to be returned to the client will be 2 hours only.


Clients DO NOT recieve a refunded value for the 2 unused 'FREE' hours. These can only be taken as IN-CAR tuition once the 10 prepaid hours have been used in full. If a client requires a refund then the 'FREE' hours will no longer be valid, and cannot be taken as free tuition hours prior to any refund.





When a pupil of mine knows of someone who is interested in learning to drive and is looking for an instructor. I offer a 'Recommend a Friend' deal.

If the prospective pupil starts their lessons with myself, then the original pupil who recommended them in the first place then gets 2 FREE hours worth of tuition.

So saving £40 or more!


How many people do you know who don't drive?


There is no limit as to how many prospective people that  pupil could recommend.




I must have space on my diary to be able to fit the new pupil in at the time they are available to have a lesson.


If it's impossible to accomodate the new pupil/s, then the 2 free hours discount will not apply.


The 2 FREE hours can be used at any time or for any type of tuition, whether it be a normal lesson or as part payment for a mock test or Pass Plus course.


The 2 free hours can only be used as in car tuition.

Recommend a friend.



hours FREE!

(Conditions Apply)

Pass on my number to a friend, who then starts learning with me and...

Save £50 when buying a block of 12 hours.


(conditions apply)